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You want to be sure to keep your visitors engaged - not lose them with lengthy paragraphs of text. The band was awesome! My husband and I hired Time and a Half to play at our wedding reception on I highly recommend them!

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Nowadays, reviews are not limited to products but people are rating their experiences as well. Think about tone as well. I know that the museum is a tough space for good acoustics, but it really sounded studio-quality.

Co-written a song with another artist? My sister asked me to help her with the plans. So we started looking around and picked the Rare Blend Band.

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I saw this band at Diamond Jo's Casino and I was super impressed with their variety!! Released a single? Choose Rare Blend for your special event, knowing that you will be offering your guests the best that the industry has to offer!

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Pros and Cons to the Straightforward Approach Taking the straightforward approach to your bio is the easiest way to go. Pros and Cons to the Not Straightforward Approach The con is that this kind of approach can be extremely difficult to pull off.

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How to Write an Effective Musician Bio (with examples!)