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It's great to support open source software, and because Etherpad is open source, you'll find several free variations of this writing tool, one of which might suit your needs better.

Beyond allowing you to share documents for collaborative editing, the apps below also let you share entire sets of content. Trello Trello is a fantastic web application for organizing and planning writing projects and working collaboratively.

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With dedicated URLs for teams such as zapier. That said, here are a few other established and up-and-coming web apps for document collaboration you might want to take a look at as well: Zoho Writer : As part of the Zoho Docs suite of apps similar to Microsoft Office and the larger Zoho business apps ecosystem, Zoho Writer stands out for its advanced document access controls.

This collaborative, real-time text editor offers moderation and organization features not found in many other team writing apps.

Write a book online

The main benefit of suggestions: they won't get merged into the original until accepted by the author, so anyone can recommend changes without affecting the original document. Anyone can pick up the story and run with it from there, or the original author can continue to work on it. However, in the right hands, even the simplest collaboration tool can easily become a powerful platform. Collaborative writing corporate by contributing ideas with others. Skype Group Chats in Word Online: When someone is editing with you in Word Online, you can click the Skype button to start a text, voice, or video chat directly within the document's chat pane. Collaborative storytelling involves a group where one writer starts the story and others keep on adding threads to it, and thus the story evolves. Overall, Booktype is a very promising tool. It offers features for controlling content approval workflows—seeing what content is due, when, and who is responsible. Color-coded and Account-Free Collaboration: Each collaborator on the document gets a color, and their additions to a document gets highlighted with that color.

Collaboration software trends indicate that these tools will make further strides in the years to come, with technology and industries exerting significant influence.

Penflip : Penflip is designed around Gita popular version control technology used by software developers.

However, every update to the document is attributed to each user, and you can moderate additions, updates, and comments added to your pads.

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