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We don't read your docs. Text editor WriteURL is a rich text editor. Just click new document.

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Create and edit shapes and text-boxes with complete ease. Customized heading styles that you can apply throughout your document. WriteURL is the simplest way of creating a new document. You can register for this trial subscription on Microsoft's Office Products portal. We've strived to re-create the blank page across your devices by keeping menus to a minimum and making tools available when you need them. Word Online Word Online offers what is almost a full-fledged version of the popular word processor from right within your browser window, providing viewing and editing features for new or existing documents. Rich collection of templates to create just the document you need. The text can be formatted with bold, italic, underline, fonts, text size, line spacing etc.

A document can also be part of the content of a website by embedding a read URL. Also import and embed images and video files from Flickr, Picasa and YouTube.

No need to merge changes into the document. WriteURL is the simplest way of creating a new document. No confusion about who has the latest version. Document automation and sign collection capabilities along with Zoho CRM integration.

Scott Orgera has been a tech journalist since Docs is completely browser-based on desktop platforms and accessible through native apps on Android and iOS devices.

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