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The problem is that the film not the message seems more like an expensive, well-acted Sunday School video to be shown to youth groups rather than a movie even non-Christians who are, one would assume, the target audience would enjoy.

Brady picks up those Letters on his postal route and is touched and changed by his encounters with Tyler's faith; so are many of the other characters who populate the unabashedly Christian family drama Letters to God. After Tyler's death inas Patrick reflected on the boy's upbeat mindset and invincible spirit, God gave him the determination to go on living, loving, and believing.

Savanah yearned for my attention when I came home, but I had nothing left. First Coast News. The construction company Doughtie worked for let him go because he had to take too much time off.

Continue Reading. A Gift and a Message "Nothing else really matters," he said.

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It is a truly moving story and worth watching.

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