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Examples of such locations are Cyprus, Venezuela, etc. The fast fashion industry has grown and has ultimately proven itself to be profitable industry in the clothing market. Essay - We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of Electrical Contacts for Starter and O.

zara essay help

The company, therefore, needs to look towards other opportunities, for example, by changing the design of the product to reduce production costs, or looking at creating efficiencies in the supply chain, by transporting goods to a central warehouse that can then reduce the cots of transportation, overall.

Reflection is a process of making sense out of all life experiences in general and nursing practice in particular Taylor B Any additional legal requirements, in terms of intellectual property protection, will not only be beneficial to the original design protection but may have the opposite effect and may limit opportunities for new product developments, as imitation and development is often an inherent part of fashion design.

However, the use of IT can be extended to expand their procurement and manufacturing activities outside Spain.

Zara has been approached to and considered their business as a perishable commodity business just like a fresh baked cake or bread to be consumed quickly. Therefore it is important that businesses such as Zara are up to date with the regulations they must adhere to within that country.

Zara also has a large international presence, they have stores around the globe meaning they are a very recognizable brand which keeps customers visiting regularly and restocking their products. The results of research will benefit the company. The centralization of its vertically integrated operations in Europe provided it with its competitive advantage; however, I believe it will also make it fail if it decides to grow substantially into other markets However, the use of IT can be extended to expand their procurement and manufacturing activities outside Spain. The decision in relation to which products to design and produce is very much customer driven; therefore, it is suggested that customer reviews are obtained, on a regular basis, so that, where the customer is not being provided with a product that they choose, or are unmotivated to revisit the store, these instances are captured and dealt with, in the future. Other than high visitors flow rate, Compare to those leading intentional fashion brands, Zara is able to sell high fashion at a lower price. Zara has overcome this threat by reducing the time frame within its supply chain. When compared to the competitors, average number of times a customer visits Zara is 18 times a year compared to times for the competition. When a company expands internationally it naturally provides opportunities for faster growth, so long as the company researches its market and know exactly what their customers are looking for, it leads to success Burton,
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